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Investment Advisory Services in the Preferred Securities Market

We’re investment advisers. We manage closed-end funds, a mutual fund and actively-managed ETFs comprised of preferred, contingent capital and other income securities. We also offer customized investment advisory services to institutional investors — including taxable investors seeking benefits from the dividends received deduction.

Founded in 1983, Flaherty & Crumrine’s historic knowledge and dedicated credit research capabilities allow us to provide clients with the individualized attention needed to withstand changing markets. With an eye towards the long-term, we’re committed to helping our clients navigate the intricate preferred, contingent capital and income securities markets.

Why Invest in the Preferred Securities Market?

Generally speaking, investors look to the preferred securities market for the stable income stream available through dividends or interest income. Preferred, contingent capital and income securities typically pay higher yields than common stock equity or senior debt in the same company. 

Stable income streams

Focused teamwork

Our Team and Process

As a matter of philosophy, Flaherty & Crumrine operates with a very compact team of highly qualified professionals. This approach allows us to focus on our specialized investment niche and to avoid having the attention of our key people diverted.

We feel that the best way to achieve consistently superior investment results is to take advantage of pockets of inefficiency within markets. To do this, we utilize a combination of intensive credit research and quantitative analysis, along with some very pragmatic trading strategies.  However, we don’t believe in strategies which require heroic bets on individual credits or on the direction of interest rates. 

Institutional advisory services

Portfolio management for institutional investors

For institutional clients, we offer customized preferred securities portfolio strategies to best meet each client’s particular investment objectives, risk tolerances, tax position and time horizon. 

Retail Investment Products

U.S. Closed-End Funds

Our flagship family of U.S. closed-end preferred stock funds listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
EST. 1991

Mutual Funds

Long-term investment funds in both U.S. and global securities
EST. 2012

Canadian Funds

Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange
EST. 2004